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Living with Dementia

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Causes of the dementia syndrome

Many different disease states can produce the clinical syndrome of dementia. These can be divided into two groups:

  * Reversible
  * Irreversible

Reversible dementia syndrome

The term reversible or potentially/ partially reversible is used to define a cognitive disorder in which normal or nearly normal function may be restored. The potential… Causes of the dementia syndrome   

Alzheimer’s Disease

mitochondria1 - dementia of the alzheimer type1 - parkinson's disease protein1 - sleep-disordered breathing1 - kahlbaum3 - wernicke disease1 - neurologic disorder1 - physical exercise1 - myelination1 - trichloroethylene1 - short-term memory problems1 - niaiserie1 - dementia in elderly1 - problems with memory1 - familial alzheimer's disease2 - quetiapine1 - cholesterol-lowering drugs1 - signs of parkinson's1 - fight dementia1 - pdad1 - deep brain stimulation2 - dementia with lewy bodies3 - novel proteins1 - wernicke's-korsakoff syndrome10 - stiffness2 - dopamine-producing neurons4 - frontal lobe pathology1 - neuronal degeneration1 - declines in memory1 - hypertensive1 -