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Living with Dementia

Ad Prognosis

Causes of the dementia syndrome

Many different disease states can produce the clinical syndrome of dementia. These can be divided into two groups:

  * Reversible
  * Irreversible

Reversible dementia syndrome

The term reversible or potentially/ partially reversible is used to define a cognitive disorder in which normal or nearly normal function may be restored. The potential… Causes of the dementia syndrome   

Alzheimer’s Disease

amyloid beta peptide1 - parkinsons related dementia1 - beta secretase1 - lewy bodies2 - fatal neurological disorder1 - visual hallucinations1 - apolipoprotein e41 - structural changes1 - parkinson's disease risk1 - problems with speech1 - symptomatic benefit1 - risk factors1 - wernicke's encephalopathy4 - olanzapine1 - behavioural deterioration1 - reducing anxiety1 - vascular dementia diagnosis1 - body mass index2 - behaviours redolent1 - early signs of dementia1 - omega-31 - lewis and short1 - berrios2 - burden of dementia1 - olive oil1 - microhemmorhage1 - mid-life factors1 - diagnosis of ad1 - biomarkers of alzheimer's disease1 - alzheimer's epidemic1 -