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Living with Dementia

Aids Related Dementia

Types of dementia

There are many types of dementia. The effects of the different types of dementia are similar, but not identical, as each one tends to affect different parts of the brain.

There are over 100 diseases that can cause dementia. The most common types of dementia are described in this section.

AIDS related dementiaTypes of dementia   

Living with Dementia

inherited genes1 - mental exercises1 - positron emission tomography3 - coffee consumption1 - vascular dementia warning signs1 - aggression or irritability1 - alzheimer type2 - immune system1 - motor coordination1 - symptoms of parkinson's3 - apolipoprotein e2 - neuronix1 - glucose hypometabolism1 - behavioral symptoms1 - the gerontologist1 - low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 61 - amyloid proteins1 - emission computed tomography1 - vascular cognitive impairment1 - cotard's syndrome1 - functional activation studies1 - delirium8 - obstructive lung disease1 - alzheimer’s disease8 - cerebral parenchyma1 - risk of death1 - protective effect1 - type 1 diabetes1 - neuropsychological evaluations1 - alzheimer's-related plaque1 -