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Living with Dementia

Alcohol Related Brain Damage

Causes and Types of Dementia

What Causes Dementia?
There are a number of diseases and conditions that can cause dementia.

For many people there is still the question “Why me?”

Dementia is not an inevitable consequence of ageing, but it is more common among older people. It occurs in all social classes and ethnic groups and can also affect… Causes and Types of Dementia   

I have Alzheimer Disease

short-term memory problems1 - prichard1 - risk for alzheimer's1 - coping strategies1 - alzheimers patients3 - transient ischaemic attack1 - apraxia3 - tfp5 treatment1 - kahlbaum3 - disease progression1 - early symptoms of alzheimer’s disease1 - cognitive changes1 - dementia workers1 - brain injury1 - frontotemporal dementia symptoms1 - lewy body1 - hip fracture1 - smile study1 - neurofibrillary tangles3 - memory disorders2 - high-cholesterol diet1 - improved recognition1 - transdermal rivastigmine1 - retinopathy1 - amyloid-ß peptide1 - angina1 - oral health1 - biomarkers of alzheimer's disease1 - motor development1 - cancer1 -