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Living with Dementia


The fragmentation of dementia

During the second half of the nineteenth century, and based on the clinical observations and reconceptualization carried out by the French, German and English writers mentioned above, dementia starts to be considered as a syndrome and hence could be attached to a variety of disorders. The primary classification was to be between primary and… The fragmentation of dementia   

Alzheimer’s Disease

initiative1 - dementia risk4 - risk for alzheimer's1 - dopaminergic neurons1 - remarriage1 - alcohol consumption1 - anterograde amnesia10 - thinking abilities1 - pdd3 - alzheimer's researchers1 - general anesthesia1 - alcohol abuse4 - gradual degeneration1 - difficulties with speech1 - denture fit1 - wernicke-korsakoff syndrome15 - pick’s disease1 - familial alzheimer's disease2 - mri scan1 - hormone therapy1 - executive function1 - genetic evidence1 - protein amyloid beta1 - cyclophilin a1 - antihypertensive drugs1 - alcoholic encephalopathy10 - alzheimer’s patients1 - greek paranoia1 - quit smoking1 - risk of parkinson's1 -