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Living with Dementia


Alzheimer’s disease

AD has become the prototypical form of dementia. From this point of view, a study of its origins should throw light on the evolution of the concept of dementia. The writings of Alzheimer, Fischer, Fuller, Lafora, Bonfiglio, Perusini, Ziveri, Kraepelin and other protagonists are deceptively fresh, and this makes anachronistic reading inevitable.  However,  the… Alzheimer’s disease   

Alzheimer’s Disease: Tau Spreads in the Brain, Not Between People

Tau tangles are one half of the twin hallmark pathologies of Alzheimer’s disease - the half that is most closely tied to the death of neurons. A study in the February 1 PLoS One offers evidence that the toxic forms of tau that cause these tangles spread throughout the brain by moving from one… Alzheimer’s Disease: Tau Spreads in the Brain, Not Between People   

Living With Dementia

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