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Living with Dementia

Alzheimers Society

Dementia figures rise in Hastings and Rother

THE number of people being diagnosed with dementia in the Hastings and Rother area has increased over the last year.

New figures newly released show that the number of sufferers locally is around 3,429 in 2011 compared to 3,399 the year before.

However, of that total, health experts estimate that less than half of… Dementia figures rise in Hastings and Rother   

One million ‘Dementia Friends’ will help make life better for people with dementia

The Dementia Friends scheme, launched today by Prime Minister David Cameron, is the country’s biggest ever project to change the way people think about dementia.

Under the scheme, which is led by the Alzheimer’s Society, people will be given free awareness sessions to help them understand dementia better and become Dementia Friends.

The scheme… One million ‘Dementia Friends’ will help make life better for people with dementia   

What is dementia?

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