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Living with Dementia

Apolipoprotein E4

Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Factors

Age is a risk factor for AD. The prevalence of AD doubles every five years after the age of 60.

Family history

A family history of AD is a consistent risk factor, and represents around a fourfold increase in the risk of developing the disease. It is thought that as many as… Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Factors   

Alzheimer’s Disease

frontotemporal dementia signs1 - stroke9 - α-synuclein protein2 - depression14 - thyroid disease1 - mmse1 - fish oil supplements1 - alzheimer's diagnosis2 - alcoholic encephalopathy10 - berrios and freeman1 - cannabinoid receptors1 - motor deficits1 - beta-blocker drugs1 - remarriage1 - pre-dementia2 - wernicke's encephalopathy4 - alzheimer’s patients1 - abstract thinking1 - physical function1 - wernicke syndrome1 - physical activity2 - emotional symptoms1 - semantic dementia1 - behavioural syndrome1 - arteriosclerotic dementia1 - alzheimer’s and dementia1 - zilboorg1 - physical reality exercises1 - neel nabar1 - dementia in elderly1 -