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Living with Dementia


The fragmentation of dementia

During the second half of the nineteenth century, and based on the clinical observations and reconceptualization carried out by the French, German and English writers mentioned above, dementia starts to be considered as a syndrome and hence could be attached to a variety of disorders. The primary classification was to be between primary and… The fragmentation of dementia   

The concept of arteriosclerotic dementia

Old age was considered an important factor in the development of arteriosclerosis (Berrios, 1994) and a risk factor in diseases such as melancholia (Berrios, 1991). By 1910, there was a trend to include all dementias under ‘mental disorders of cerebral arteriosclerosis’ (Barrett, 1913). Arteriosclerosis, might be generalized or cerebral, inherited or acquired, and caused… The concept of arteriosclerotic dementia   

Alzheimer’s Disease

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