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Living with Dementia

Behavioural Syndrome

Dementia: historical overview

Since the second edition of this article, no ground-breaking scholarly work has been published that may challenge the historical hypotheses propounded therein on the development of the concept of dementia (Berrios, 2000a); indeed, the ‘constructionist’ view has gained support from the way in which the nosological surface of ‘dementia’ has been redrawn during the… Dementia: historical overview   

Enid and George - Life with dementia

learning skills1 - lack of concentration1 - solanezumab1 - sleep-disordered breathing1 - neuronix1 - amyloid proteins1 - sleepiness1 - guv membrane1 - rheumatoid arthritis1 - good sleep habits1 - memory losses1 - apoe2 - decline in memory1 - alzheimer's research5 - treatment for alzheimer's1 - igfbp-31 - deficiency of thiamine1 - memory disorders2 - acute excitement1 - hiv-infected1 - alzheimer's drugs4 - broken bones1 - coffee consumption1 - prichard1 - amyloid beta precursor protein1 - irreversible dementia syndrome1 - low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 61 - frontal dementia1 - latin dementia1 - vitamin b-11 -