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Living with Dementia


Benzodiazepine use and dementia in the over 65s

The results from comparative analysis of this population demonstrate the risk of developing dementia increased by 50% for subjects who consumed benzodiazepines during the follow-up period, compared with those who had never used benzodiazepines. Although this study does not confirm a cause and effect relationship, as is the case for all epidemiological research, the… Benzodiazepine use and dementia in the over 65s   

Living with Dementia: I’m Still Here

concept of dementia1 - changes in mood1 - impaired-memory disorder1 - cinnamon1 - vascular risk factors2 - psychometrics1 - diabetes mellitus1 - judgment1 - high blood pressure7 - parkinson's7 - cochlear implantation1 - bladder troubles1 - ad risk factors1 - protein plaques1 - decline in cognitive functioning1 - functional activation studies1 - long-term dementia1 - guv membrane1 - syndrome of dementia1 - tomosyn1 - loss of judgement1 - quality sleep1 - cognitive processes2 - pneumonia1 - hypertension and dementia1 - structural changes1 - ireland's national dementia strategy1 - perchloroethylene1 - specific sugar molecules1 - abeta plaque1 -