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Living with Dementia

Boissier De Sauvages

Dementia: historical overview

Since the second edition of this article, no ground-breaking scholarly work has been published that may challenge the historical hypotheses propounded therein on the development of the concept of dementia (Berrios, 2000a); indeed, the ‘constructionist’ view has gained support from the way in which the nosological surface of ‘dementia’ has been redrawn during the… Dementia: historical overview   

Behaviours redolent of current dementia during this period

In the literature of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (and indeed of earlier periods), it is possible to recognize behaviours that nowadays we may wish to refer as dementia being reported under different rubrics. For example, in relation to ‘Stupidity or Foolishness’, Thomas Willis (1684) wrote:

although it chiefly belongs to the rational… Behaviours redolent of current dementia during this period   

Going Home (A short film on Dementia)

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