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Living with Dementia

Brain Cell Damage

Natural Alzheimer’s Weapon Suggests Better Treatment

Scientists have shown a molecular chaperone is working like a waste management company to collect and detoxify high levels of toxic amyloid beta peptide found in Alzheimer’s disease.

It was known that the molecular chaperone, HspB1, was present in the hallmark plaque of Alzheimer’s patients but its role remained a mystery.

“What we have… Natural Alzheimer’s Weapon Suggests Better Treatment   

USC neurogeneticists harness immune cells to clear Alzheimer’s-associated plaques

New research from scientists at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC) shows that the body’s immune system may be able to clear the brain of toxic plaque build-up that is the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, reversing memory loss and brain cell damage.

The study, which appears in the… USC neurogeneticists harness immune cells to clear Alzheimer’s-associated plaques   


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