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Vascular dementia - Tests and diagnosis

Vascular dementia is the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer disease (AD). The condition is not a single disease; it is a group of syndromes relating to different vascular mechanisms. Vascular dementia is preventable; therefore, early detection and an accurate diagnosis are important.

Patients who have had a stroke are at increased… Vascular dementia - Tests and diagnosis   

Living with Dementia: I’m Still Here

hip fracture1 - difficulties with swallowing1 - blast-induced traumatic brain injury1 - irreversible dementia syndrome1 - disease progression1 - alcoholism1 - neuronix1 - paraphrenia1 - ipscs1 - early detection of dementia1 - involuntary movements2 - pseudodementia2 - physical discomfort1 - thinking abilities1 - alzheimer drug1 - fatal neurological disorder1 - neurofilaments1 - spread of alzheimers1 - hydrocephalus1 - alzheimer’s patients1 - mid-stage of alzheimer's1 - functional psychosis1 - alzheimer's and parkinson's diseases1 - presbyophrenia1 - vesanic dementia2 - pre-senile dementia1 - magnetic resonance imaging3 - amyloid β1 - circumscribed cerebral atrophy1 - zilboorg1 -