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Living with Dementia


Coffee May Ward Off Alzheimer’s

As scientists inch closer to figuring out what prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, one avenue leads to that morning cup of Joe.

It’s likely that many complex factors influence the development of Alzheimer’s -  a neurodegenerative disease degrading a person’s memory, personality and language skills, but scientists have found clues to halt its development.… Coffee May Ward Off Alzheimer’s   

Can caffeine be used to treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

The proposed link between caffeine and reductions in the beta amyloid plaque accumulation characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) suggest a possible role for caffeine in AD treatment. The latest evidence linking beta amyloid protein to Alzheimer’s disease and exploring the relationship between caffeine and beta amyloid are featured in a review article in Journal… Can caffeine be used to treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease?   

I have Alzheimer Disease

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