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Living with Dementia

Carl Schneider

Pick’s disease and the frontal dementias

Dementias believed to be related to frontal lobe pathology have once again become of interest, and authors often invoke the name of Arnold Pick (Niery et al., 1988). However, when the great Prague neuropsychiatrist described the syndrome named after him, all he wanted was to draw attention to a form of localized (as opposed… Pick’s disease and the frontal dementias   

Living with Dementia

visuospatial deficits1 - korsakoff's syndrome10 - dopamine-producing neurons4 - blood markers1 - postitron emission tomography1 - predict dementia2 - parkinson's psychosis1 - symptoms of vascular dementia1 - cases of parkinson's1 - 1 - emotional distress1 - hypertension and dementia1 - aggression or irritability1 - social engagement1 - dopamine levels1 - healthy mind1 - functional psychosis1 - age-related cognitive disorders1 - small silent stroke1 - behaviours redolent1 - vascular dementia13 - vci1 - ad diagnosing1 - mri2 - aphasia4 - cognitive deterioration2 - brain tissue biopsy1 - parkinsonism1 - frontotemporal degeneration1 - amyloid-β421 -