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Living with Dementia


Dementia: general aspects - Terms

Up to the 1700s, states of cognitive and behavioural deterioration of whatever origin ending up in psychosocial incompetence were called amentia, dementia, imbecility, morosis, fatuitas, anoea, foolishness, stupidity, simplicity, carus, idiocy, dotage and senility. In Roman times, the word ‘dementia’ was also used to mean ‘being out of one’s mind, insanity, madness, folly’ (Lewis… Dementia: general aspects - Terms   

What is dementia?

high blood pressure7 - thiamin deficiency1 - mild traumatic brain injury1 - journal of the american geriatrics society1 - quantitative structural neuroimaging1 - memory lapses2 - motor coordination1 - the journal of neuroscience1 - long-term memory1 - physical exercise1 - trigger for alzheimer's1 - quetiapine1 - alzheimer's & dementia1 - mitochondrial function1 - dbs1 - substantia nigra7 - mayo clinic1 - omega-3s1 - ad prognosis1 - high cholesterol1 - downs syndrome1 - α-synuclein protein2 - dementias first signs1 - early-onset familial ad1 - high oestrogen levels1 - cognitive changes1 - vad2 - single-infarct dementia1 - people with parkinsons1 - cannabinoid receptors1 -