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Living with Dementia


Coffee May Ward Off Alzheimer’s

As scientists inch closer to figuring out what prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, one avenue leads to that morning cup of Joe.

It’s likely that many complex factors influence the development of Alzheimer’s -  a neurodegenerative disease degrading a person’s memory, personality and language skills, but scientists have found clues to halt its development.… Coffee May Ward Off Alzheimer’s   

Caffeine may provide some Parkinson’s relief

A new, small study found people with Parkinson’s disease who took caffeine pills saw slight but noticeable improvements in movement problems related to the condition.

The findings warrant further study, Canadian researchers said. And there are still questions - such as if patients would develop a caffeine tolerance, eventually blunting the benefits of coffee… Caffeine may provide some Parkinson’s relief   

Living with Dementia: I’m Still Here

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