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Living with Dementia


Cognition and Cognitive Testing

As noted above, the diagnoses of mild cognitive impairment and dementia of the Alzheimer type both require the presence of memory impairment. To distinguish between MCI and DAT, it is important to determine the degree and course of memory impairment, the presence or absence of additional domains of cognitive dysfunction, and the impact of… Cognition and Cognitive Testing   

Exercise Has Numerous Beneficial Effects on Brain Health and Cognition, Review Suggests

It’s no secret that exercise has numerous beneficial effects on the body. However, a bevy of recent research suggests that these positive effects also extend to the brain, influencing cognition. In a new review article highlighting the results of more than a hundred recent human and animal studies on this topic, Michelle W. Voss,… Exercise Has Numerous Beneficial Effects on Brain Health and Cognition, Review Suggests   

Enid and George - Life with dementia

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