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Living with Dementia

Cognitive Testing

Cognition and Cognitive Testing

As noted above, the diagnoses of mild cognitive impairment and dementia of the Alzheimer type both require the presence of memory impairment. To distinguish between MCI and DAT, it is important to determine the degree and course of memory impairment, the presence or absence of additional domains of cognitive dysfunction, and the impact of… Cognition and Cognitive Testing   

Johns Hopkins research may improve early detection of dementia

Using scores obtained from cognitive tests, Johns Hopkins researchers think they have developed a model that could help determine whether memory loss in older adults is benign or a stop on the way to Alzheimer’s disease.

The risk of developing dementia increases markedly when a person is diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, a noticeable… Johns Hopkins research may improve early detection of dementia   

Living with Dementia: I’m Still Here

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