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Living with Dementia

Cortical Atrophy

Alzheimer’s disease

AD has become the prototypical form of dementia. From this point of view, a study of its origins should throw light on the evolution of the concept of dementia. The writings of Alzheimer, Fischer, Fuller, Lafora, Bonfiglio, Perusini, Ziveri, Kraepelin and other protagonists are deceptively fresh, and this makes anachronistic reading inevitable.  However,  the… Alzheimer’s disease   

Living with Dementia

mini-mental state examination2 - obesity2 - disinhibition1 - single-infarct dementia1 - mild tbi1 - general activity1 - confabulatory euphoria1 - neuroanatomical changes1 - anoea1 - amyloid imaging taskforce1 - pet1 - repair damaged nerve tissue1 - dopamine6 - physical discomfort1 - thinking abilities1 - slower overall movement1 - vascular health1 - eye tremor1 - quantitative structural neuroimaging1 - harvard medical school1 - parkinson's sufferer1 - visual hallucinations1 - morphometry1 - lewy bodies2 - cause tuberculosis1 - movement disorders1 - virtual reality1 - non-familial parkinson's1 - glucose hypometabolism1 - blood sugar3 -