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Living with Dementia

Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep brain stimulation may hold promise for mild Alzheimer’s disease

A study on a handful of people with suspected mild Alzheimer’s disease (AD) suggests that a device that sends continuous electrical impulses to specific “memory” regions of the brain appears to increase neuronal activity. Results of the study using deep brain stimulation, a therapy already used in some patients with Parkinson’s disease and depression,… Deep brain stimulation may hold promise for mild Alzheimer’s disease   

Could eating peppers prevent Parkinson’s?

New research reveals that Solanaceae - a flowering plant family with some species producing foods that are edible sources of nicotine - may provide a protective effect against Parkinson’s disease. The study appearing today in Annals of Neurology, a journal of the American Neurological Association and Child Neurology Society, suggests that eating foods that… Could eating peppers prevent Parkinson’s?   

Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

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