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Living with Dementia

Degenerative Dementia

Differential diagnosis of dementia

Aging and cognitive decline

There is a natural age-associated modification in cognition. As a consequence, it can be problematic distinguishing between cognitive impairment associated with normal aging and early dementia. In addition, ‘mild cognitive impairment’ (MCI) can be experienced. This is characterized by an abnormal level of cognitive impairment, albeit that it does not… Differential diagnosis of dementia   

Link between brain insulin resistance, neuronal stress in worsening Alzheimer’s disease

Rhode Island Hospital researcher Suzanne de la Monte, M.D., has found a link between brain insulin resistance (diabetes) and two other key mediators of neuronal injury that help Alzheimer’s disease (AD) to propagate. The research found that once AD is established, therapeutic efforts must also work to reduce toxin production in the brain. The… Link between brain insulin resistance, neuronal stress in worsening Alzheimer’s disease   

Living with dementia

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