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Living with Dementia

Dementia Praecox

The fragmentation of dementia

During the second half of the nineteenth century, and based on the clinical observations and reconceptualization carried out by the French, German and English writers mentioned above, dementia starts to be considered as a syndrome and hence could be attached to a variety of disorders. The primary classification was to be between primary and… The fragmentation of dementia   

Living With Dementia

symptoms of dementia3 - late-onset alzheimers disease1 - memory skills1 - mentally weak1 - motor coordination1 - abeta1 - cognitive reserve1 - progressive neurodegenerative disorder1 - sinequan1 - wernicke’s encephalopathy1 - neurodegenerative movement disorder1 - lewy bodies2 - mental decline2 - amyloid-β421 - reversible dementia syndrome1 - gammagard1 - department of psychiatry and psychotherapy1 - early alzheimer's3 - brain amyloid imaging1 - cognitive processes2 - mcr1 - development of parkinson's1 - alcoholic encephalopathy10 - progression of pd1 - foolishness1 - miller fisher1 - perusini1 - epidemiology1 - mid-stage of alzheimer's1 - thiamin deficiency1 -