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Living with Dementia

Dementia With Lewy Bodies

Causes and Types of Dementia

What Causes Dementia?
There are a number of diseases and conditions that can cause dementia.

For many people there is still the question “Why me?”

Dementia is not an inevitable consequence of ageing, but it is more common among older people. It occurs in all social classes and ethnic groups and can also affect… Causes and Types of Dementia   

Types of dementia

There are many types of dementia. The effects of the different types of dementia are similar, but not identical, as each one tends to affect different parts of the brain.

There are over 100 diseases that can cause dementia. The most common types of dementia are described in this section.

AIDS related dementiaTypes of dementia   

Parkinson’s Disease Protein Gums up Garbage Disposal System in Cells

Clumps of α-synuclein protein in nerve cells are hallmarks of many degenerative brain diseases, most notably Parkinson’s disease.

“No one has been able to determine if Lewy bodies and Lewy neurites, hallmark pathologies in Parkinson’s disease can be degraded,” says Virginia Lee, PhD, director of the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research, at the… Parkinson’s Disease Protein Gums up Garbage Disposal System in Cells   

I have Alzheimer Disease

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