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Living with Dementia

Depressive Pseudodementia

Differential diagnosis of dementia

Aging and cognitive decline

There is a natural age-associated modification in cognition. As a consequence, it can be problematic distinguishing between cognitive impairment associated with normal aging and early dementia. In addition, ‘mild cognitive impairment’ (MCI) can be experienced. This is characterized by an abnormal level of cognitive impairment, albeit that it does not… Differential diagnosis of dementia   

Living with Dementia

alpha-synuclein proteins1 - late-onset alzheimer's disease4 - advanced dementia1 - cjd2 - brain cell damage2 - transient ischemic attack1 - cortical neurons1 - amyloid beta peptide1 - deficiency of thiamine1 - plaque in alzheimer's disease1 - spread of alzheimers1 - memory disorder1 - hiv dementia1 - broken bones1 - university of southern california2 - moderate intensity aerobic exercise1 - apolipoprotein1 - agitation2 - niaiserie1 - ssri2 - wernicke encephalopathy2 - myxoedema1 - deep brain stimulation2 - beta amyloid3 - arteriosclerosis2 - neuroanatomical changes1 - degeneration theory1 - hay fever1 - vitamin b12 deficiency1 - app3 -