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Living with Dementia

Dopaminergic Neurons

Freezing Parkinson’s in Its Tracks

Parkinson’s disease, a disorder which affects movement and cognition, affects over a million Americans, including actor Michael J. Fox, who first brought it to the attention of many TV-watching Americans. It’s characterized by a gradual loss of neurons that produce dopamine. Mutations in the gene known as DJ-1 lead to accelerated loss of dopaminergic… Freezing Parkinson’s in Its Tracks   

Alzheimer’s Disease

risk of developing parkinson's1 - positron emission tomography3 - wernicke’s encephalopathy1 - korsakoff psychosis11 - beta-blocker drugs1 - frontal lobe pathology1 - difficulties with speech1 - apraxia3 - alzheimer's plan1 - alzheimers9 - progression of pd1 - dementia friends1 - slower overall movement1 - alzheimer's-related plaque1 - autism spectrum disorder1 - autism1 - motor development1 - dbs1 - perusini1 - reversible dementia1 - parkinson's disease dementia2 - dementias first signs1 - vitamin b12 deficiency1 - mild traumatic brain injury1 - denture fit1 - restlessness1 - atherosclerosis7 - huntington's disease8 - cognitive functioning2 - deep-brain stimulation3 -