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Living with Dementia


Dementia: general aspects - Terms

Up to the 1700s, states of cognitive and behavioural deterioration of whatever origin ending up in psychosocial incompetence were called amentia, dementia, imbecility, morosis, fatuitas, anoea, foolishness, stupidity, simplicity, carus, idiocy, dotage and senility. In Roman times, the word ‘dementia’ was also used to mean ‘being out of one’s mind, insanity, madness, folly’ (Lewis… Dementia: general aspects - Terms   

Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

memory impairments1 - dsm iv3 - frontal lobe pathology1 - korsakoff syndrome3 - pd with dementia1 - prevent alzheimer's1 - alzheimers9 - non-familial parkinson's1 - adam101 - inheritable dominant disease1 - frontotemporal dementia8 - tomosyn1 - acute excitement1 - fibrous tangles1 - university of southern california2 - vascular risk factors2 - neurofilaments1 - emission computed tomography1 - problems with language1 - general activity1 - medicare1 - fragmentation of dementia1 - senile dementia4 - memory loss20 - vitamin b-11 - postoperative cognitive dysfunction1 - app3 - good sleep habits1 - risk for dementia1 - computerized tomography1 -