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Living with Dementia

Fragmentation Of Dementia

The fragmentation of dementia

During the second half of the nineteenth century, and based on the clinical observations and reconceptualization carried out by the French, German and English writers mentioned above, dementia starts to be considered as a syndrome and hence could be attached to a variety of disorders. The primary classification was to be between primary and… The fragmentation of dementia   

Out of the shadows - Living with dementia

vad2 - vascular dementia warning signs1 - vitamin b-11 - mildcognitive impairment1 - microrna1 - amyloid plaques13 - hypertensive1 - cognitive deterioration2 - greek paranoia1 - als1 - synthetic tau fibrils1 - dementia friends1 - decline in cognitive functioning1 - neurodegeneration2 - lou gehrig's disease1 - alzheimers patients3 - hydrocephalus1 - napa1 - treatment for huntingtons disease1 - repair damaged nerve tissue1 - age-related cognitive disorders1 - slower overall movement1 - knopman1 - structural changes1 - blood vessels1 - berrios2 - signs of dementia6 - amyloid beta8 - dimebon1 - aphasia4 -