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Living with Dementia

Genomic Dna

A non-invasive, rapid screening method for Alzheimer’s disease

The apolipoprotein E gene ε4 allele is considered a negative factor for neural regeneration in late-onset Alzheimer’s disease cases. Apolipoprotein E genotyping is crucial to apolipoprotein E polymorphism analysis. Peripheral venous blood is the conventional tissue source for apolipoprotein E genotyping polymorphism analysis. Blood yields high-quality genomic DNA and can meet various research purposes.… A non-invasive, rapid screening method for Alzheimer’s disease   

Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

undertreatment of dementia1 - cajal-retzius cell1 - dantrolene1 - wernicke's encephalopathy4 - alcohol consumption1 - voluntary exercise1 - deficiency of thiamine1 - brain changes1 - kahlbaum3 - behavioral signs1 - artery-clogging process1 - prostate cancer1 - impaired-memory disorder1 - antioxidants1 - hay fever1 - beta-amyloid protein1 - parkinsons diagnosis1 - neuropsychological tests1 - cognitive dysfunction4 - lewy body1 - aging and dementia1 - video game1 - neuropsychological evaluations1 - memory problems3 - mild dementia2 - physical reality1 - preventing alzheimer's1 - neocortex1 - transient ischaemic attack1 - pneumonia1 -