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Living with Dementia


Behaviours redolent of current dementia during this period

In the literature of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (and indeed of earlier periods), it is possible to recognize behaviours that nowadays we may wish to refer as dementia being reported under different rubrics. For example, in relation to ‘Stupidity or Foolishness’, Thomas Willis (1684) wrote:

although it chiefly belongs to the rational… Behaviours redolent of current dementia during this period   

Out of the shadows - Living with dementia

blast-induced traumatic brain injury1 - insomnia2 - pomegranate1 - deep-brain stimulation3 - epilepsy1 - physical exercise1 - reverse cholesterol transport1 - cognitive dysfunction4 - cholesterol-lowering drugs1 - abnormal blood clotting1 - neurodegenerative disorder4 - delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol1 - huntington’s disease2 - cannabinoid receptors1 - advanced dementia1 - ftld4 - igfbp-31 - signs of dementia6 - alzheimer's-like tau tangles1 - mental stimulation1 - physical activity2 - hiv dementia1 - high cholesterol1 - memory disorders2 - diagnosis of dementia1 - tau proteins1 - esquirol1 - moderate dementia1 - cardiac arrest1 - huntingtin1 -