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Living with Dementia

Irreversible Dementia Syndrome

Causes of the dementia syndrome

Many different disease states can produce the clinical syndrome of dementia. These can be divided into two groups:

  * Reversible
  * Irreversible

Reversible dementia syndrome

The term reversible or potentially/ partially reversible is used to define a cognitive disorder in which normal or nearly normal function may be restored. The potential… Causes of the dementia syndrome   

I have Alzheimer Disease

leeza gibbons1 - biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid1 - amyvid2 - baroness thatcher1 - citalopram2 - brain inflammation1 - amyloid beta8 - pomegranate1 - beta-amyloid peptides1 - neurodegenerative diseases1 - impaired memory1 - executive function1 - late-onset alzheimers disease1 - repair damaged nerve tissue1 - wernicke disease1 - immune system1 - spread of alzheimers1 - high blood pressure7 - alzheimer’s disease8 - remarriage1 - dysarthria1 - mixed dementia1 - early-onset familial ad1 - symptomatic memory loss1 - beta-blocker drugs1 - frontal-lobe degeneration1 - peanut butter1 - progression of dementia1 - quantitative structural neuroimaging1 - late-day anxiety1 -