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Living with Dementia

Lethal Condition

Huntington’s Disease (Huntington’s Chorea)

What is Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s diseaseHuntington’s disease is a progressive disease that results in the slow loss of affected brain cells. It is an inherited condition that begins in adulthood. At present, typical Huntington’s disease is a lethal condition. Huntington’s disease is characterised by involuntary movements, dementia and psychological disturbances that worsen as the… Huntington’s Disease (Huntington’s Chorea)   

Alzheimer’s Disease

presbyophrenia1 - cognitive functioning2 - startle myoclonus1 - decline in memory1 - symptomatic benefit1 - disorientation3 - dopamine-deficient worms1 - amyloid protein1 - parkinson's treatment1 - world alzheimers day1 - parkinson disease3 - pre-dementia stage1 - single-photon emission computed tomography1 - vecordia1 - earliest stages of alzheimers disease1 - eeg1 - amyloid-beta peptides1 - abeta1 - amyloid imaging taskforce1 - ßsecretase-11 - slowness of movement1 - incident dementia1 - mental confusion4 - aphasia4 - alzheimer's plan1 - amnestic mild cognitive impairment1 - mildcognitive impairment1 - movement tremors1 - dementia and down’s syndrome1 - anxiety1 -