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Living with Dementia

Lewy Bodies

New clue to Parkinson’s

A new study finds that a protein key to Parkinson’s disease has likely been mischaracterized. The protein, alpha-synuclein, appears to have a radically different structure in healthy cells than previously thought, challenging existing disease paradigms and suggesting a new therapeutic approach.

“Our data show that alpha-synuclein was essentially mistakenly characterized as a natively unfolded… New clue to Parkinson’s   

New study supports view that Lewy bodies are not the primary cause of cell death in PD

The pathology of Parkinson’s disease is characterized by a loss of dopamine-producing neurons in the pars compacta of the substantia nigra (SN), an area of the brain associated with motor control, along with the development of α-synuclein (αS) protein in the form of Lewy bodies (LB) in the neurons that survive. The spread of… New study supports view that Lewy bodies are not the primary cause of cell death in PD   

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