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Living with Dementia

Mental Decline

1 in 8 with Alzheimer’s, delirium face complications

About one in eight Alzheimer’s patients with severe confusion has a major complication within a year of getting out of the hospital, in a new study.

Those complications, according to the researchers, include mental decline, being put in a nursing home and even death.

The study, however, cannot say whether the combination of delirium… 1 in 8 with Alzheimer’s, delirium face complications   

Link between concussions, dementia is complex: study

In a new study of National Football League (NFL) veterans, former players with thinking and memory problems also had more lesions in their brains than healthy players and non-athletes in a comparison group.

But cognitive difficulties weren’t directly related to the number of concussions a player had suffered in his career - complicating the… Link between concussions, dementia is complex: study   

Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

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