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Living with Dementia


Parkinson gene: Nerve growth factor halts mitochondrial degeneration

Neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease involve the death of thousands of neurons in the brain. Nerve growth factors produced by the body, such as GDNF, promote the survival of the neurons; however, clinical tests with GDNF have not yielded in any clear improvements. Scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Martinsried and… Parkinson gene: Nerve growth factor halts mitochondrial degeneration   

Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

pd with dementia1 - abeta plaque1 - korsakoff's psychosis5 - neuritic plaque1 - benzodiazepine1 - amyloid beta protein2 - antihypertensive drugs1 - huntington disease2 - physical reality exercises1 - vision1 - wernicke-korsakoff syndrome15 - amyloid-targeting treatment1 - sleepiness1 - amyloid protein1 - parkinsons disease10 - frontal lobe dementia1 - atrial fibrillation1 - myelination1 - psychomotor retardation1 - genomic dna1 - beta-amyloid8 - apoe-e4 gene1 - mental decline2 - gastrointestinal disorders1 - intracoronary ultrasound1 - muscle co-ordination1 - eye tremor1 - k21 - circumscribed cerebral atrophy1 - abnormal blood clotting1 -