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Living with Dementia

Neuroanatomical Changes

Structural Imaging

An important advance in the evaluation of people with suspected dementia of the Alzheimer type is the use of structural imaging to assess in vivo neuroanatomical changes. This technique can also be used in conjunction with neuropsychological test data to better understand the relationship between the structural brain changes and the cognitive… Structural Imaging   

Living with Dementia: I’m Still Here

amnesia1 - merck1 - loss of judgement1 - good sleep habits1 - α-synuclein protein2 - skin problems1 - dementia progression1 - abnormal tau protein1 - huntington’s disease2 - alzheimer’s vaccine1 - ziveri1 - disorders of blood vessels1 - agitation2 - cognitive performance1 - agnosia3 - statins1 - functional imaging1 - incident dementia1 - exelon1 - hormone therapy1 - bonfiglio1 - diabetes mellitus1 - trichloroethylene1 - reversible dementia syndrome1 - schizophrenia1 - substantia nigra7 - alzheimer's drugs4 - coronary heart disease1 - cognitive skills2 - neurodegenerative diseases1 -