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Living with Dementia

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Cognition and Cognitive Testing

As noted above, the diagnoses of mild cognitive impairment and dementia of the Alzheimer type both require the presence of memory impairment. To distinguish between MCI and DAT, it is important to determine the degree and course of memory impairment, the presence or absence of additional domains of cognitive dysfunction, and the impact of… Cognition and Cognitive Testing   

Living with Dementia

guv membrane1 - atrial fibrillation1 - disorientation3 - physical activity2 - mid-stage of alzheimer's1 - diet high in carbohydrates1 - preventing alzheimer's1 - korsakoff psychosis11 - early alzheimer's disease1 - alzheimer's-related plaque1 - glucose metabolism2 - dementia patients care1 - 1 - structural changes1 - beta-blocker drugs1 - concept of dementia1 - progressive neurodegenerative disorder1 - frontotemporal dementia signs1 - experimental alzheimer's drug1 - risk for alzheimer's1 - movement disorder2 - visuospatial deficits1 - brain tissue1 - huntingtons disease4 - burden of dementia1 - early signs of dementia1 - parkinson's disease protein1 - ad prognosis1 - inherited genes1 - dementia cases2 -