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Living with Dementia

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Finding the silent killer - a biomarker test for atherosclerosis

Furring of the arteries, atherosclerosis, is a leading cause of death across the world. Atherosclerosis leads to peripheral arterial disease, coronary heart disease, stroke and heart attacks. However, atherosclerosis is a sneaky killer - most people do not realize they have it until they have cardiovascular disease (CV). New research published in BioMed Central’s… Finding the silent killer - a biomarker test for atherosclerosis   

Alzheimer’s Disease

parkinson's disease dementia2 - blood sugar3 - p-tau1 - diabetes10 - bapineuzumab1 - amyloid beta protein1 - ftld4 - ucla1 - initiative1 - pseudogeneral paralysis1 - slowed movement1 - dotage1 - mid-stage of alzheimer's1 - significant memory loss1 - mentally weak1 - icd-101 - amyloid-beta protein1 - effective aging1 - alzheimer's plaques1 - alpha-synuclein diseases1 - common form of dementia1 - haloperidol2 - prion disease1 - semantic dementia1 - loss of judgement1 - reconceptualization1 - apoe gene3 - retinopathy1 - cognitive symptoms1 - anoea1 -