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Living with Dementia

Pre Dementia Stage

10 Alzheimer’s warning signs

Alzheimers symptoms and signs are unique on each patient. Through that it sometimes will be tricky to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease.
Several of the signs and symptoms present in Alzheimer’s disease also exist in other conditions and diseases.

Alzheimer’s disease is classified into several stages. Some doctors use a 7-stage framework, while others may… 10 Alzheimer’s warning signs   

Living with Dementia: I’m Still Here

beta amyloid plaques1 - parkinsons diagnosis1 - muscle co-ordination1 - disease progression1 - creutzfeldt-jakob disease5 - difficulties with swallowing1 - positron emission tomography3 - apolipoprotein e2 - pneumonia1 - wernicke-korsakoff syndrome15 - dysarthria1 - long-term memory1 - vitamin b12 deficiency1 - ßsecretase-11 - head injuries1 - behavioral problems1 - memory robbing disease1 - sleep-disordered breathing1 - dotage1 - alzheimer's association6 - ziveri1 - plaque in alzheimer's disease1 - people with dementia4 - decline in memory1 - pd with dementia1 - progression of alzheimer's disease1 - dimebon1 - protease enzyme1 - delirium tremens1 - treatments for alzheimer's1 -