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Living with Dementia

Professor Lewy

Types of Dementia Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a common disorder of deep brain structures that help control movement. Over time, many people with Parkinson’s disease develop Parkinson’s Disease Dementia. The majority of Parkinson’s Disease patients over the age if 65 develop dementia within a few years. Even younger people with Parkinson’s Disease can develop dementia -  one community… Types of Dementia Parkinson’s Disease   

Alzheimer’s Disease

impaired balance and coordination1 - mild cognitive impairment22 - signs of parkinson's1 - alzheimer's32 - vitamin b-11 - american psychiatric association3 - degenerationist hypothesis1 - neel nabar1 - early-onset alzheimer's1 - hiv patients1 - general anesthesia1 - end-stage dementia1 - high blood pressure7 - diet control1 - overeating1 - broken bones1 - moderate intensity aerobic exercise1 - loss of balance1 - grandiosity1 - overweight1 - treat alzheimer's1 - alzheimer's disease symptoms1 - late-onset alzheimer's2 - failing memory1 - hiv-infected1 - tau protein1 - cognitive abilities1 - beta amyloid plaques1 - trouble sleeping1 - quetiapine1 -