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Living with Dementia

Psychomotor Retardation

The vesanic dementias

The term ‘vesanic dementia’ began to be used after the 1840s to refer to the clinical states of cognitive disorganization following insanity (Berrios,  1987);  its meaning has changed with equal speed alongside psychiatric theory. According to the unitary insanity notion, vesanic dementia was a terminal stage (after mania and melancholia); according to degeneration theory,… The vesanic dementias   

Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

delirium8 - temporal orientation1 - structural changes1 - incident dementia1 - good sleep habits1 - oxidative stress1 - 1 - movement disorder2 - amyloid precursor protein6 - parkinson's psychosis1 - signs of alzheimer's1 - beta-blocker drugs1 - impaired memory1 - inheritable dominant disease1 - alzheimer's drugs4 - dementia cases2 - alzheimer's patients7 - senile atrophy and aphasia1 - abnormal blood clotting1 - decline in memory1 - solanezumab1 - exelon1 - parkinson disease3 - symptoms of vascular dementia1 - cognitive enhancement1 - neurodegenerative diseases1 - vitamin b12 deficiency1 - atherosclerotic plaques2 - medicare1 - abnormal tau protein1 -