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Living with Dementia



Recent research has advanced our understanding of the boundary between normal aging and dementia. In addition to illuminating changes associated with both normal and abnormal aging, researchers have identified a group of individuals whose cognitive deficits place them in an intermediate position on the continuum between normal aging and dementia. The study of the… References   

Out of the shadows - Living with dementia

angina1 - physical weakness1 - encephalopathy-alcoholic10 - motor symptoms1 - amyloid-beta protein1 - movement tremors1 - magnetic resonance imaging3 - degenerative dementia2 - neurofibrillary tangles3 - single-photon emission computed tomography1 - amyloid beta peptide1 - hyperlipidemia1 - clinical conclusions1 - protease enzyme1 - dementia in elderly1 - uncategorized1 - mild tbi1 - substantia nigra7 - hip fracture1 - dementia of lewy body1 - late-onset alzheimer's disease4 - vascular health1 - dementia incident1 - long-term dementia1 - cvd1 - restlessness1 - signs of parkinson's1 - regular exercise1 - healthy aging1 - atrial fibrillation1 -