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Living with Dementia



Recent research has advanced our understanding of the boundary between normal aging and dementia. In addition to illuminating changes associated with both normal and abnormal aging, researchers have identified a group of individuals whose cognitive deficits place them in an intermediate position on the continuum between normal aging and dementia. The study of the… References   

Alzheimer’s Disease

neurobiology1 - abnormal blood clotting1 - predict dementia2 - amnestic mild cognitive impairment1 - omega-31 - bladder troubles1 - enlarged ventricles1 - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis6 - memory problems3 - tau tangles1 - amyloid β1 - prevention of delirium1 - dementia-related diseases1 - learning skills1 - physical exercise1 - biomarkers of alzheimer's disease1 - antioxidants1 - risk of death1 - beta amyloid3 - hspb11 - parkinson's disease risk1 - arts health institute1 - fronto temporal lobar degeneration1 - treat parkinson's1 - stupidity or foolishness1 - vascular risk factors2 - dementia friends1 - hippocampus6 - benzodiazepine1 - difficulties with swallowing1 -