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Living with Dementia


Dementia: general aspects - Terms

Up to the 1700s, states of cognitive and behavioural deterioration of whatever origin ending up in psychosocial incompetence were called amentia, dementia, imbecility, morosis, fatuitas, anoea, foolishness, stupidity, simplicity, carus, idiocy, dotage and senility. In Roman times, the word ‘dementia’ was also used to mean ‘being out of one’s mind, insanity, madness, folly’ (Lewis… Dementia: general aspects - Terms   

Parkinson’s Disease Dementia

concept of dementia1 - neuronal activity1 - dopamine-producing neurons4 - frontal lobe pathology1 - physical weakness1 - wernicke's-korsakoff syndrome10 - presbyophrenia1 - loss of balance1 - risk of death1 - gum disease1 - medicare1 - missing person1 - symptomatic memory loss1 - movement tremors1 - congestive heart failure1 - high-dose chemotherapy1 - microrna1 - impaired memory1 - parkinson's diagnosis1 - astro-gliosis1 - parkinson's diseases1 - single-infarct dementia1 - giant unilamellar vesicles1 - phosphorylated alpha-synuclein1 - long-term cognitive changes1 - alzheimer's warning signs1 - senile atrophy and aphasia1 - autism spectrum disorder1 - healthy weight1 - long-term memory1 -