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Living with Dementia


Dementia: general aspects - Terms

Up to the 1700s, states of cognitive and behavioural deterioration of whatever origin ending up in psychosocial incompetence were called amentia, dementia, imbecility, morosis, fatuitas, anoea, foolishness, stupidity, simplicity, carus, idiocy, dotage and senility. In Roman times, the word ‘dementia’ was also used to mean ‘being out of one’s mind, insanity, madness, folly’ (Lewis… Dementia: general aspects - Terms   

Living with Dementia: I’m Still Here

physical function1 - impaired balance and coordination1 - memory losses1 - white matter hyperintensities1 - mild tbi1 - mcr1 - margaret thatcher1 - diagnosing alzheimer's disease1 - cancer1 - delirium8 - transient ischaemic attack1 - magnetic resonance spectroscopy1 - alzheimer's warning signs1 - traumatic forms of dementia1 - citalopram2 - muscle co-ordination1 - cognitive performance1 - mini-cognitive assessment1 - neurofibrillary tangles3 - dementia care program1 - dopamine-producing nerve cells1 - alzheimer society1 - microhemmorhage1 - ptau1 - language impairment1 - disorientation3 - omega-31 - delay dementia1 - early alzheimer's damage1 - stupidity or foolishness1 -