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Living with Dementia

Symptoms Of Dementia

Drug-free prevention of dementia decline

There are many different causes of dementia and, although its progression can be fast or slow, it is always degenerative. Symptoms of dementia include confusion, loss of memory, and problems with speech and understanding. It can be upsetting for both the affected person and their relatives and carers. New research published in BioMed Central’s… Drug-free prevention of dementia decline   

The difference between dementia, Alzheimer’s

Is there a difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?
Dementia is a generalized term used to refer to brain-related loss of memory, communication and daily skills that hamper a person’s ability to live independently. As dementia progresses, the person’s self care habits decline and there are definite mood and personality changes. Loss of… The difference between dementia, Alzheimer’s   

New approach may help manage the most troubling symptoms of dementia, lessen use of drugs

A new approach to handling agitation, aggression and other unwanted behaviors by people with dementia may help reduce the use of antipsychotics and other psychiatric drugs in this population, and make life easier for them and their caregivers, a team of experts says.

Publishing their recommendations under the easy-to-remember acronym of “DICE”, the panel… New approach may help manage the most troubling symptoms of dementia, lessen use of drugs   

Alzheimer’s Disease

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