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Living with Dementia

Syndrome Of Dementia

Causes of the dementia syndrome

Many different disease states can produce the clinical syndrome of dementia. These can be divided into two groups:

  * Reversible
  * Irreversible

Reversible dementia syndrome

The term reversible or potentially/ partially reversible is used to define a cognitive disorder in which normal or nearly normal function may be restored. The potential… Causes of the dementia syndrome   

What is dementia?

dementia of the alzheimer type1 - physical discomfort1 - interviews by magistrates1 - mental decline2 - lipid-lowering drugs1 - visuospatial deficits1 - neurofibrillary tangle1 - amyloid beta8 - abstract thinking1 - major depression1 - early-onset familial ad1 - menopause1 - pdd3 - immune system1 - declines in memory1 - thiamin deficiency1 - anterograde amnesia10 - hippocampal atrophy1 - neuroanatomical changes1 - huntingtin1 - confabulation1 - fibrous tangles1 - emotional lability1 - poor judgment2 - postitron emission tomography1 - small silent stroke1 - aerobic exercise1 - mind diet1 - neu11 - progression of pd1 -