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Living with Dementia


Symptoms of vascular dementia

People with vascular dementia may experience:

Patchy cognitive defects - this means that the damage is localised. A person may have, for example, big problems with memory, but still be able to carry on a normal conversation.

Difficulty with making decisions, weighing up options or planning for the future.

Depression - probably because they… Symptoms of vascular dementia   

How Fast You Walk and Your Grip in Middle Age May Predict Dementia, Stroke Risk

Simple tests such as walking speed and hand grip strength may help doctors determine how likely it is a middle-aged person will develop dementia or stroke. That’s according to new research that was released today and will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 64th Annual Meeting in New Orleans April 21 to… How Fast You Walk and Your Grip in Middle Age May Predict Dementia, Stroke Risk   

Alzheimer’s Disease

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