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Living with Dementia

Types of dementia

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  • Jun 23, 2011
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There are many types of dementia. The effects of the different types of dementia are similar, but not identical, as each one tends to affect different parts of the brain.

There are over 100 diseases that can cause dementia. The most common types of dementia are described in this section.

AIDS related dementia
AIDS related dementia - cause, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. 

Alcohol related dementia
Alcohol related dementia - causes, symptoms and treatment. 

Alzheimer’s disease
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia accounting for between 50% and 70% of all dementias. 

Dementia with Lewy bodies
Dementia with Lewy bodies is a common form of dementia, sharing many similarities with Alzheimer’s disease. Lewy bodies - causes, diagnosis and progression. 

Down syndrome & Alzheimer’s disease
Research has established a link between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome and the relationship between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease is detailed in this section along with information about help and support available. 

Fronto temporal lobar degeneration
This section describes a group of dementias, known as Fronto Temporal Lobar Degeneration including Fronto Temporal Dementia, Progressive non-Fluent Aphasia, Semantic Dementia and Pick’s disease. It discusses their causes, diagnoses and symptoms. 

Vascular dementia
Vascular dementia is the second most common cause of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. For detailed information read this section.


Source:Alzheimer’s Australia

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